England's latest restrictions / İngiltere'nin karantina kısıtlamaları

Posted 7 months ago on 06-Nov-2020

Where to find guidance on the new laws, and updated food safety advice. Yeni yasalar ve güncellenmiş gıda güvenliği tavsiyeleri nerede bulunur. Read more

VAT reduction and your business

Posted 11 months ago on 13-Jul-2020

Government announces VAT change for hospitality industry to promote growth - how does it affect you? Read more

Leave at door service

Posted 1 year ago on 20-Mar-2020

Customers can now ask that their paid order be left on the doorstep. Read more

Ordara lands on the Isle of Man

Posted 1 year ago on 26-Feb-2020

A warm welcome to our new clients from across the water, we expand to the Isle of Man in 2020. Read more

Contacting us got easier

Posted 1 year ago on 24-Feb-2020

We've invested in better ways to contact us - a new phone system, dedicated support email and client job tracking. Read more

Weather warnings

Posted 1 year ago on 15-Feb-2020

Increased weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office, your delivery system may automatically update. Read more

Improved card terminal support

Posted 1 year ago on 12-Feb-2020

We've made improvements to card terminal EPOS integrations, upgrade is automatic and no action is needed. Read more

Extra capacity added

Posted 1 year ago on 10-Feb-2020

We saw record-breaking numbers of orders this month and we've scaled our platform to meet demand. Read more