Spice Up Your Menu - Vegetarian

The Spice Up Your Menu series is a regular post with new menu ideas and ways to attract more customers and increase profit. This week we look at vegetarian options.

Most menus usually have a few vegetarian items for those that don't eat meat, but these days customers are looking for more choice. About 15% of the UK population are vegetarians of one sort or another and it's increasing all the time. That's around 10 million people.

You probably already have a vegetarian burger and meat-free pizza, and maybe a veggie kebab, but it's good to have as many vegetarian items as you can to give vegetarians a choice that they may not get elsewhere.

Middle Eastern food is a big seller in the UK, and while you probably already have favourites such as Halloumi, Falafel and Hummus you might try something new such as Cig Kofte, Imam Bayildi, Lentil Kofte or Dolmas.

And when the weather is warm a new cooling salad in your Sides menu would sell well such as Piyaz, Tabbouleh, Shepherd Salad (Çoban salatasi) or Fattoush.

Many people like to try something different - particularly with desserts - so you could try Baklava, Lokma or Dondurma, or add them to some Meal Deals or Kids Menu as an attractive special offer.

The Internet offers a lot of recipes for authentic Turkish cuisine, our favourite in the office is Nefis Yemek Tarifleri. Why not try something different this week and spice up your menu?

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