Screenshot of the Ordara EPOS system

EPOS Done Right

Our touchscreen system is easy to use for counter transactions and telephone orders. Quickly take even the most challenging orders without writing anything on the paper.

Phone Orders

Capture all the necessary details, from sauces to salads, optional extras and delivery fees. Caller ID recognises regular customers and remembers their details.

In-Store Orders

Skip the sauce and salad (if you like) and just get the vital items on the system ready for cooking. Give customers an order ticket on busy nights to avoid confusion.

Online Orders - No Commission

Your customers will love our easy online ordering, with detailed options for each menu item like sauce, salad or pizza toppings. Win back your customers and save money almost immediately.

EPOS Synchronised

Your website and apps are synchronised with your EPOS food options, prices and order numbering.

Online Promotion

We will help promote your online ordering with in-store signage, menu badges, app store listings and search engine optimisation.

Ordara online fastfood ordering
Sample kitchen order

Run Your Kitchen Efficiently

Know exactly what to put on the grill, in the oven or in the fryer. Instruct each station effectively for processing batches of orders and prepare each dish exactly to the customer's expectations. Staff will appreciate the help and customers will love your accuracy.

Customised Papers

Choose how much information is displayed, and how large each section should be printed, for smooth cooking, payment and delivery.

Perfect Timing

Set your average collection and delivery times in the kitchen and all your orders will be set accordingly - even online.