Touchscreen EPOS

Use one or more networked EPOS tills for taking orders at the counter and over the phone. You own the hardware outright.

Online Ordering

Your branded website and mobile apps for taking online orders for a small monthly fee. No commission on orders and free support.

Setup Included

We program your menu, configure the EPOS unit(s), build your website and apps, and install at your premises at no charge.

You own it, you control it

No commission and no service fees. You have complete control over your menu, prices, delivery charges and customer discounts. Decide how to handle your own customer disputes and reviews.

All features

I have seen Ordara on the internet and called them to enquire. I was amazed by their honesty and it was the best thing I have done for my shop. Would recommend it to every takeaway

Ali in Bedminster
Ali in Bedminster
Best Kebab

Tailored for takeaway restaurants like yours

Kebab shop EPOS

Kebabs with detailed sauce, salad, bread, preferences, chargeable additions and different sizes.

Pizza restaurant online ordering

Pizza and calzone as it comes or customised with crust, sauce, add or swap toppings, half-and-half.

Burger shop EPOS

Burgers with detailed sauce, salad, relish, bread, chargeable add-ons, and advanced build-a-burger available.

Fish and chip shop EPOS

Fish and chips with detailed choice of condiments, sides and easy kitchen station instructions.

Fish and chip shop EPOS

Curries with choices of meat, chilli heat, and chargeable add-ons. Set meals and offers without losing detailed options.

Coffeeshop online collections

Coffees to go with extra shots, syrups, milk alternatives, and more customer preferences.

All day breakfast ordering

Breakfasts with extras, upgrades, condiments and advanced build-a-breakfast available.

Sandwich collections online

Sandwiches to go, with a choice of breads, butter, fillings and advanced build-a-sub available.

Wafflehouse, milkshakes, ice cream ordering

Sweet treats like milkshakes, waffles, ice cream, p√Ętisserie and confectioners for a customisable experience.

With you at every step

We help you with every aspect of setup and installation, and our team are always available to help you get the most out of your new system.

Our service

Existing clients can use our help centre

Homegrown authentic software

Ordara was born out of necessity. Co-founded by a successful restaurateur who needed an ordering platform and touchscreen EPOS he could trust.

About us

See it for yourself

Book a 30 minute demonstration and consultation with an account manager, and see how you can transform your restaurant.

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What will your customers say?

Online ordering was amazing and so easy. 10/10

Customer in Wiltshire

I am absolutely in love with the online service they provide. You can select bit by bit what sauce you want to have, what kind of salad you want and much more! It is just great! :)

Customer in Dorset

Very simple review here.... you just can't go wrong. Great portions, decent price [..] and easy to use website.

Customer in Hampshire

Since we moved [here] we have used you a lot for takeaways and have always been very happy

Customer in Buckinghamshire