Spice Up Your Menu - Words

The Spice Up Your Menu series is a regular post with new menu ideas and ways to attract more customers and increase profit. This week we think about words.

Last time we described how colours used in menu design can actually affect how and what people buy. Some colours can make people feel happier and even more hungry, and can also make them buy more.

But apart from colour, the words you use are also as important to people's buying choices, so it's good to make food descriptions more interesting, attractive and tempting.

To make your food more desirable and enticing add a short description of what it contains and how it is cooked which not only makes people more satisfied with their meal but also makes them much more likely to return again and again. This extra wording can increase sales by as much as 25%. For example, you could add words like 'home-made' or 'carefully prepared by our chef' or 'our special family recipe' etc.

Using bold type or a slightly larger typeface can highlight one item in each section of your menu to make it look more special and better value, and can help to sell items that may be less popular but which are more profitable.

When you shop online you often see the words 'Frequently Bought Together' which shows items that people have bought at the same time. You could try this with some of your items such as 'Usually Ordered With Salad', or 'Goes Well With Chilli Sauce' etc. You could add a 'Free' item in some places such as 'Comes With Free Garlic Bread' or 'Free Mayonnaise Dip' etc. because it looks more tempting and better value.

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From all staff working at Farmhouse Grill to Ordara: We thank you all for our new website and EPOS system, absolutely amazing system

Yilmaz in Winchester
Farmhouse Grill

The Ordara system has taken so much work off our shoulders, we take our orders and avoid human error. Thanks to our website, our turnover has increased. I wish we had installed this system long time ago.

Hasan in Huntingdon
Rumbles Fish Bar

When Ordara was first installed, I could not imagine that it was going to be this effective. Our turnover has increased by 40% and we are avoiding mistakes we used to make on a regular basis. Thank you

Gungor in Tidworth
Tidworth Kebab & Pizza House

We have been using Ordara for over a year now and I can honestly say that it is working exceptionally well. Our customers are delighted by how easy it is to use.

Sofia in Andover
Keskins Takeaway

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