What to look out for when buying EPOS and Online Ordering for Fast Food Restaurants

5 important things to ask when comparing EPOS systems

Are you looking at investing in, or changing your EPOS and online ordering system? I’m sure you’ve found many companies offering online ordering systems all with their own unique selling points, but there are some key things you need to look into before deciding which will be the right one for your business, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you.

1. Is it definitely 0% commission?

It might say 0% commission on the front, but some companies have small print or conditions on this. Some providers say they charge 0% commission, but charge more depending on how much turnover has been made. Always read the small print to make sure you understand how the commission works on your chosen provider.

2. How does the online card payment work?

Who gets the money from the online payments and how much are the fees for this service? Will the money from online orders go straight to you? Some companies receive all the money from online payments first and cut a percentage before transferring it to you. Ordara uses Paymentsense, which bridges customers to restaurants directly, so all the money is paid directly to you.

3. Will your customers enjoy the way they place an order on your website?

Is ordering from your website as easy as playing an online game or will your customers find it difficult to order from you? User experience is key to having repeat orders from customers, so your website/app needs to be easy to navigate. Make sure that the company you work with set up your website so it is simple to read, easy to order and is mobile friendly. Ask for existing client websites and navigate through.

4. How user-friendly is the EPOS system for your staff at the premises?

Keep in mind the quality of hardware and software, as well as how easy it is for you and your staff to use. The more accessible you find the EPOS, the smoother you will find the cooking process. It is important to think about how well the system will work when you're busy and how well it will perform in the future.

Are the order tickets easy to read, or time consuming during rush hour?

When you are busy, the last thing you want to do is mess around trying to read and figure out what food you need to cook for each order. Ordara tickets have an automated ‘station instruction section’ summarising the items that need the chef’s immediate attention, making it easy during your busiest times.

Finally make sure that the provider you choose doesn’t just ship you the hardware and you never see them again? With Ordara you will be working with a company who will be there to help you when it matters!

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What our clients are saying

I have seen Ordara on the internet and called them to enquire. I was absolutely amazed by their honesty and it was the best thing I have done for my shop. Would recommend it to every takeaway.

Ali in Bedminster
Best Kebab

I can't say enough about Ordara. My customers keep saying how great the ordering experience is. The staff also love the EPOS system which is very easy to use.

Murtaza in Peterborough
UK Kebab & Pizza

Commission based online ordering [..] was taking so much money off me. When I started working with Ordara I was smiling again. They come and install themselves. Absolutely recommend it to all restaurants.

Mehmet in Bristol
Whitchurch Grill

The system is very comfortable to use. It's affordable, efficient and effective compared to other systems I have used. I highly recommend it.

Huseyin in Tidworth
Superfry Fish Bar

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