Ordara is the fastest online ordering platform

It’s easy to understand the importance of good design to entice customers to order online. But what may not be obvious is the importance of underlying technical details which also have a big impact on customer satisfaction.

One of the most important technical factors is page speed - the time it takes for data to load on a computer or mobile device. If your website or mobile application feels slow then customers are more likely to go elsewhere, and that’s especially true for the hot food industry where time is everything. And even though broadband connection speeds are fast in cities and towns, not everyone has access to a fast connection - rural areas and mobile devices often have slower speeds.

But it’s not just customer satisfaction that can benefit from fast loading times. Google and the big online tech companies consider it an important metric in their ranking algorithms, which means fast loading sites show up higher in search results and benefit from greater social media exposure. And for restaurants who advertise online, they might find that their ad prices are lower.

That’s why we made sure to keep Ordara’s online ordering platform fast. We paid special attention to the programming, the server infrastructure and the data storage, to ensure that customers always get a fast experience when ordering.

In fact, we’re so fast that we’ve left the competition in the dust. We conducted a regular review and the results speak for themselves:

We used Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to measure the responsiveness of seven competing online ordering providers and Ordara came out on top. We were particularly surprised that the biggest and richest industry players are, in fact, the slowest.

So if you find your online provider’s website or app to be slow then why not give us a call and join the fastest platform in town?

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What our clients are saying

From all staff working at Farmhouse Grill to Ordara: We thank you all for our new website and EPOS system, absolutely amazing system

Yilmaz in Winchester
Farmhouse Grill

The Ordara system has taken so much work off our shoulders, we take our orders and avoid human error. Thanks to our website, our turnover has increased. I wish we had installed this system long time ago.

Hasan in Huntingdon
Rumbles Fish Bar

When Ordara was first installed, I could not imagine that it was going to be this effective. Our turnover has increased by 40% and we are avoiding mistakes we used to make on a regular basis. Thank you

Gungor in Tidworth
Tidworth Kebab & Pizza House

We have been using Ordara for over a year now and I can honestly say that it is working exceptionally well. Our customers are delighted by how easy it is to use.

Sofia in Andover
Keskins Takeaway

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