Leave at door service

Customers can now ask that their paid order be left on the doorstep.

We've added a new feature which allows online customers to request that their order be left on the doorstep.

Customers may request this if they are ill, worried about getting ill, or maybe they're just shy.

The option is only available for orders paid by card.

Please ask your drivers to leave the order on the doorstep if indicated (or at the location on the receipt) and call the customer to confirm the order has been delivered.

We recommend restaurants which are not yet offering deliveries or card payments online to please consider it over the coming weeks.

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What our clients are saying

I have seen Ordara on the internet and called them to enquire. I was absolutely amazed by their honesty and it was the best thing I have done for my shop. Would recommend it to every takeaway.

Ali in Bedminster
Best Kebab

I can't say enough about Ordara. My customers keep saying how great the ordering experience is. The staff also love the EPOS system which is very easy to use.

Murtaza in Peterborough
UK Kebab & Pizza

Commission based online ordering [..] was taking so much money off me. When I started working with Ordara I was smiling again. They come and install themselves. Absolutely recommend it to all restaurants.

Mehmet in Bristol
Whitchurch Grill

The system is very comfortable to use. It's affordable, efficient and effective compared to other systems I have used. I highly recommend it.

Huseyin in Tidworth
Superfry Fish Bar

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