V2 update: Customer emails

This week we've been working on the outgoing email system for the V2 platform, amongst other things. This post explains how it works and what features you can expect.

A lot of customers rely on transactional emails to confirm their online order. So getting them right and making sure they're delivered is an important part of the ordering process on websites and apps. They're also essential for registering an account and recovering lost passwords.

This week we have been developing the new email system as part of the V2 platform which is coming soon.

Why is email important?

Customers get an email when they register on your website or mobile app, when they place an order, if they forget their password, and some other circumstances.

Email has developed a lot over the 50 years its been in use. Today email can be read on almost any device on any screen size, on webmail or with email software. Unless done correctly they will end up in spam folders or blocked completely. So we take a few steps to make sure everyone gets the emails they expect;

V2 Features

  • Branded to your restaurant
    The from address and sender name match your restaurant, and the email has your logo as the header with company information at the bottom.
  • Using your domain name
    We add email services to your domain so spam filters know outgoing messages are sent from a legitimate server, with added security to prevent fraudsters from sending email using your domain.
  • Pretty and plain text
    We send graphic and text copies inside each email, so customers can easily read it on any device, and spam filters can detect the transactional (not marketing) nature of the body.
  • Reliable designs
    Our graphic emails use proven designs which are known to look good on most webmail services and email software.
  • Reputable servers
    We only send emails from reputable servers with our own dedicated IP addresses, to ensure deliverability of messages.
  • Deliverability tracking
    We monitor in real-time the delivery rate of emails and get alerts if emails aren't sending as expected.
  • Privacy built in
    Emails are sent over encrypted channels so they can't be intercepted, and they don't invade on customer privacy with tracking links.

We also manage your domain's reputation and blacklist status around the world to ensure mail services are not blocking transactional messages sent to your customers, and take care of the requirements for handling spam complaints from system administrators on your behalf.

What else have we been working on?

The mobile apps now have the guest user and customer login features ready. New customers simply order as a guest and a new account is created for them seamlessly in the background. Existing customers can use their account on multiple devices and the website too.

The new websites have password reset functions completed and it's ready for the mobile app developer to include too.

We completed an internal audit on customer information security recently to make sure our platform and software will handle your customers' personal information safely and securely, and in accordance with GDPR and guidelines issued by the Information Commissioner's Office. As a part of that we have built in some additional security protections to guard against data leaks and protect you from fraudulent transactions.

In recent weeks we've also found Matt's natural talent - software testing. He spent several days with the app developer to build a smoother user experience and is making a regular appearance on the development team to keep quality high.

What's coming next week?

Next up is our (now famous) options and extras for advanced food menu items. This allows customers to really customise their dish in a way your kitchen staff can quickly process. It will use a combination of our proven tried-and-tested options system from V1 with some new features based on client and customer feedback.

We're also working on the "My Account" area of the website to include features already developed in the backend systems.

About V2

Version 2 (or "V2" for short) is the soon-to-be-released next generation Ordara platform. It includes a new website, EPOS software upgrade and the long-awaited mobile apps, along with many new features and improvements from the current V1 system.

It will be made available to existing clients free of charge, and will not be sold to new customers until all our existing customers have been offered the free upgrade.

Every week we post features and technical updates on our website leading up to the release of V2.

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The system is very comfortable to use. It's affordable, efficient and effective compared to other systems I have used. I highly recommend it.

Huseyin in Tidworth
Superfry Fish Bar

My customers like my new website very much. A great order system, I congratulate all of you

Abbas in Huntingdon
Grill Istanbul

Commission based online ordering [..] was taking so much money off me. When I started working with Ordara I was smiling again. They come and install themselves. Absolutely recommend it to all restaurants.

Mehmet in Bristol
Whitchurch Grill

The Ordara system is making miraculous in my shop. We take an average of 650 online orders per week. I definitely recommend!

Turgut in Andover
Charcoal Grill

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